Recent Web Projects



(an Android application for camping lovers)

The application provides relevant information on camping sites for short and long stays. The regional camping club approached us to develop this app to popularise this type of activity and inform people about environmentally friendly camping. The app’s news feed lists low-cost camping destination in the UK and lets users share the location with their friends, invite people for some outdoors activity, mark visited places and leave your review and comments.



(an application for tracking trash hot-spots)

An environmental organisation decided to create an Android and iOS application that will assist their organisation in protecting UK nature and attract more people for volunteerism. The application allows users to participate in environmental protection mapping illegal trash sites and reporting on them uploading evidence such as pictures and videos. Besides, partial users will be always informed about volunteer clean-up activity and hence participate in nearby campaigns.


Asset Manager

(a smartphone app that allows managing vacation home assets)

A management application was one of our recent projects that should have made vacation home assets more accessible to users saving their time letting them managing vacation homes, boats and other shared assets. Using the app resort visitors can be quickly informed and notifies about their individual responsibilities, has access to asset schedule and relevant asset documents, and maintain a list of inventory letting co-owners to track the value and contributor. The app also allows to import transaction helping to keep accounting history and maintenance related expenses.


Girls Time

(a women magazine app for Android and iOS smartphones)

Our client had already had an informative and entertaining website for women when he approached us with an idea to create a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms. He asked us to develop an interactive and engaging app for smartphones. We should have preserved our client’s envision which he had on the website adding to it an adaptive user interface design which will look and act in a user-friendly manner. We developed native applications for both platforms letting users communicate with each other. Our front-end developers optimised the representation of web site for different screen parameters and integrated social media features, such as sharing the content on Facebook and Twitter, “like” articles, and leave comments.



(a mobile application for delivery services)

We had a collaborative work with an entrepreneur who was engaged in delivery services and wanted to improve his company efficiency by the creation of a smart application for Android platform for his employees. We used both web and mobile technologies creating a complex solution with simple and intuitive realisation which allows posting delivery orders, selecting new tasks, and tracking task status. With this application, couriers may adjust their task list to their geolocation and work smarter and faster.


Austria Tour

(a mobile version for a travel website)

One of our projects was a creation of a mobile version for an Austrian web-portal which helps tourists to explore the country. The app includes to restaurant and shopping apps. We used Google Maps API to enhance geolocation within the program. The app identifies user’s geolocation and displays a list of nearby shopping and dining places and all the relevant data about them including contact information such as address and phone number, category, rating, images and many others. Our developers benefited from smartphones’ capabilities and made phone number clickable letting users call without leaving an app.