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iPhone is a perfect platform for mobile utility development to satisfy the growing demand of personal and business needs. It has the particular reliable app store with various classes like games, lifestyle, m-Commerce, shopping, social networks and much more.

Our company is reputed as the leading iPhone application development group in the UK. The iOS specialists build strong programs in different domains to bring the businesses to the new heights.

Mobile Foundations

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    App Store Optimisation & Consulting
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    Committed Groups and Experts

Our company has been targeted on iPhone for the past seven years and have created different solutions regarding the workflow acceleration, content management, photo sharing, e-Commerce, education, and even health care apps for startups and Fortune 500 organisations. There is no kind of iPhone application we can’t realise.


A really intuitive and usable product means a higher retention and more customers. Our IT firm always puts functionality before the shape to make sure a splendid mobile user experience (UX), while developing an outstanding user interface (UI) that reflects your brand.

Application development would be a big waste of time and money without proper quality assurance standards in place. Despite the fact that we write lovely code, you still want proper testing to ensure that the iPhone application, created by our developers, is bug-free and crash-free on all of the resolutions and platform versions.


Our application development company is a knowledge-transfer oriented initiative for the worldwide IT community. We continuously share expertise internally and accept that our methods may be of benefit to others. The engineers additionally perform as public speakers during different world-class IT conferences and other related activities. We are proud to assist local startup hubs and accelerators.

We've seen such a lot of apps fail in the market due to the fact they weren't optimised to get downloads or weren’t popular in the Apple Store. Why go through all of the hassle and cash of development an outstanding iPhone program, after which not optimise it to be seen and appreciated? Right publicity in the store can result in a hundred's of thousands of extra downloads, and you need a reliable companion to help. Launching the application is a science we are real pros in.

We create teams of dedicated IT specialists for the clients. With the help of our own engineers, our company is capable of starting the process of onboarding the right team quickly, permitting to always increase it till the favored variety of members is reached. The experienced project managers know how to allocate obligations and set up proper communication channels. The solely assigned team leader oversees the crew workflow and remains in direct contact with the client. Speaking of the project management methodologies, we consistently endorse appropriate solutions tailored to the consumer’s needs. Cooperation with our development group presents an incredible deal of flexibleness and professionalism while requiring minimum office work.

Professional Development Process


Stage 1: Competition studies

Before the iPhone application developers make a pixel or write a single line of code, they undertake an in-depth ideation and research procedure where they make sure any problem the client needs to repair is properly fixed.

Stage 2: Wireframing & User Feedback

We’ve never understood why some dev teams in the UK develop applications while not having a wireframing to work from first. This segment makes certain the development group live on a budget, construct what’s required for the proper consumer.

Stage 3: Development sprints

This tends to be the longest and most critical segment, but our pros ensure to keep it flawless so the clients can start prepping their advertising and marketing campaign as they build.

Stage 4: Prep & Release

We make certain that everything for your app is working well examined and ready for the arena. As quickly as possible, we hit the large release button!

Stage 5: Submission to the App Store

We’re not sure why people get apprehensive about this system, but our specialists are able to do it willingly. We’ll stroll you through all the first-class practices to make sure your app dominates!

Stage 6: Nurture & Increase

We’ve spent a long time advancing the development process with you, and hope it’s everything you dreamed of. However, you’re most likely just getting started. The team members help scale, maintain, and improve your iPhone application anytime you need from regular updates to upgrades in compliance with the growing needs of your customers or enterprise.
App strategy

Get benefits from our team of iPhone experts on what will work the best for you.


The experienced designers embody iPhone application ideas and thoughts into mockups and attractive visual designs.

MVP development

We build the minimum viable product to get the product to market fast, analyze it and determine what fits you the best.

API development

The iPhone developers are gifted in creating high performing APIs, matched for diverse enterprise needs.

Application rescue

The experts rescue left-off, stranded initiatives and bring the client’s dream iPhone applications to life.

Product deployment

We are the top specialists in publishing iPhone software to the store and making them popular.

Software porting

The porting services are established to transform present apps to specific mobile structures.

Support and protection

We offer iPhone application support, with custom built service stage agreements.

  • Advertising & Publishing
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Commercial enterprises
  • Courting & Social Networking
  • E-Commerce, M-Commerce & Purchasing
  • Education & Tutoring
  • Healthcare & fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Real Estate & Assets
  • Retail
  • Tourism & Leisure

Test driven development is the most critical subject that we’ve applied. Except being required in any software development process, there’s a myriad of benefits. We have summed them up properly right here:

Business advantages of TDD:

  • Supply greater value, quicker
  • Usually, deliver operating software program
  • Adapt to change quickly

Code benefits:

  • Readable specs and code
  • Easy public interfaces
  • Decoupled modules

Technique benefits:

  • Regression protection
  • Fearless Refactoring
  • Team collaboration

At a high level, how to test is quite simple:

  • Write the code first.
  • Run code against the test
  • If code nevertheless works, commit

Code review

Code reviews are a completely vital step in right web and mobile development for iPhone. Think about it like peer editing a document or something you wrote. Even in the case, you're a terrific writer; it's nevertheless correct to have someone else to overview what you wrote to make sure it is grammatically correct and makes sense.

Generally, when you need to go hybrid, the programmers use Ionic.

Commonly, if we’re tasked to build an application, we’re requested to develop a native iPhone app. That’s what we greatly opt for, and is the best fit for most startups. But, when it comes to a few ‘utility’ type applications, B2B, or matters which can be ‘server based’ which have limited functionality and the patron would like a couple of platforms to run it and has a restrained price range, then we advocate a hybrid development.

The trouble with hybrid apps is identical in view that they have been first brought; it doesn’t “feel” like a native iPhone app. The transitions aren’t smooth, and builders can’t partake the complete suite of tools that native iPhone apps can. The hybrid technology is getting better, but we nevertheless see it being a few years out that hybrid app becomes the desired method of making an MVP.

Enhance a Product that Exists

Our group is the best suit for the successful startups or agencies that wish to ameliorate their MVP or early versions of their iPhone application. It would be incredible if you were able to say something like “we have an existing website, but need to introduce a new feature quick. Or “we’ve been successful for some years, but we need to make our site modern and improve conversions.” We are here to help!

We offer ongoing protection and help to all of the clients even after the launch, but discover that many freelancers and other firms ‘ditch’ their ancient clients while something better comes their way.

Our team is always here to support your project at any stage of its lifecycle, so the team members open their palms to those asking for help. All we need to understand is if the modern-day technical infrastructure that you're built on is something that we support. The developers won’t work on a framework or language that we’re not skilled in (if you even could find one).

Tech Consulting

These days, customers have come out to us in need of technical consulting. We’ve come in to serve as a transient mission management group, or for "virtual innovation consulting" for agencies seeking to amplify their brick and mortar corporations online. Our experts had an enormous amount of experience throughout many disciplines so that they can offer valuable advice no matter the size of the organisation. Do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll discern something that works the best for you exactly.


If the client asks us to sign an NDA, we usually respond with something like “any risk we may need to have is a brief chat without signing an NDA first” We have labored on hundreds of tasks, and heard countless more pitches, but have realised how comparable most thoughts are, or how a number of the ideas pitched to us we have already thought of ourselves in the past.

It’s particularly tough to execute properly on the concept and is even more difficult to perform and live passionate about it for the next 3-7 years. It’s the closing element that the majority forget about.

We have no hassle with signing an NDA, and will never take the stance of “We never sign NDAs” like a some iPhone application developers.Instead, we’d rather have a quick chat to make certain it’s a great suit for both of us first!