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As first-class iOS developers, we strive for perfection in every our project delivering excellence in app’s look and feel. We love challenges and puzzles. And when it comes to bespoke software development we are the best at catering customer’s needs and requirements and bringing to life amazing ideas that transform habitual way to run business optimising tedious processes.

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Business App Development

Mobile development is a promising business direction for any company whether it is an ambitious startup, small retail business, or big enterprise. Targeting Apple platform, corporates can put the top-notch technology of iOS, macOS, watchOS or tvOS at the fingertips of the employees, business partners, and clients. Bespoke iOS development provides the limitless way to reach and engage people around the globe even on the go.

Powerful Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and others, offer bottomless capabilities to grow the business, increase productivity and attract new customers via seamless integration with the existing ecosystem. With the help of proficient iOS developers, companies can build multi-faceted experience with genuinely intuitive navigation. Our expertise in bespoke software development for Apple products enables us to provide clients with highly customised digital products, while profound understanding of customer’s industry we gain during the collaboration lets us build iOS apps that solve problems and match business needs.
Fully Customised UX
Professional iOS developers strive to bring to life customer’s exact vision. Business analysts and project managers immerse themselves into client’s business workflow acquiring the actual understanding of occurring business challenges and problems, needs and goals. We arm our team with robust development tools and resources encouraging them to utilise the latest Apple technologies enlarging their possibilities to innovate. High level of proficiency in Apple’s SDK increases iOS developers’ capabilities in delivering personalised user experience and tailored behavioural models.
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  • As members of Apple Developer Program, we access the latest beta software, what enables us to test new releases and create compatible IT solutions before they reach customers fingers and hence deliver next generation software solutions with advanced app capabilities and services. Membership in this Program lets iOS developers build applications with more advanced capabilities taking advantage of Apple’s software and hardware and distribute iOS apps on the Apple App Store.
  • Members can access all the resources which are necessary to configure the software services and submission of the latest updates. Certified by Apple iOS developers take advantage of a comprehensive set of numerous frameworks which support exceptional services on iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS.
  • Apple also provides Program members with capabilities for testing their apps with the help of TestFlight Beta Testing which reveals your application to 2,000 external testers who can provide their feedback before the official release.
  • Finally, Apple Developer Program membership offers iOS programmers access to the app analytics tool that can measure and present data on the user engagement, estimate the success of the marketing or monetisation strategies without any technical implementation.

Xcode IDE is an integrated development environment, developer toolset for building applications that run on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Watch. Xcode unifies UI design, code writing, testing, debugging, and submitting creating a seamless development workflow. Apple’s latest Xcode update accelerated this powerful development tool adding new editor extensions and enabling iOS developers to customise their coding experience. These extensions let iOS coders navigate within their editor’s text, select and modify their code making reformatting a snap. Besides, they include Quick Help documentation and code completion for images. Runtime issue automatically identifies and reports about hidden bugs, spots race conditions, and alerts about memory leaks. Access to such impressive functionality and developers’ skills to operate with it streamlines the development process improving the code quality.

Our developers can work with both programming languages which are available for writing code that runs on iOS platform. We started our way with Objective-C which initially was a primary programming language for writing iOS software providing developers with a dynamic runtime and object-oriented capabilities. Apple developers are proficient in object graph management and deferring multiple responsibilities until runtime. Having deep knowledge of the creation of classes and description of custom objects, iOS developers work with Cocoa Touch framework classes influencing the behaviour of language-level features. And as Apple released Swift in 2014, our iOS developers eagerly mastered it accessing a more intuitive programming language with a concise syntax and more natural API naming enabling programmers to construct lightning-fast software. Besides, such system APIs as Grand Central Dispatch and Core Graphics are more harmonised with Swift as it was developed to simplify the development practices for iOS platform.

Apple’s Frameworks present bundles of dynamic shared libraries provided with associated resources including nib files, header files, localised strings, and image files. When Apple iOS developers make applications, they link their projects to some frameworks enabling their code to access their capabilities via API. Programmers access these bundles via Cocoa NSBundle class or Core Foundation Bundle Services. Usage of the dynamic shared resources reduces the memory footprint of the program and improve its performance making possible them to be backward compatible with older systems. Thus, Foundation framework provides developers with the programmatic interfaces for the Cocoa methods and classes managing low-level data types; UIKit contains methods and classes for the iOS app user interface layer, while Core Graphics framework provides access to the interfaces for Quartz 2D. Our team has sufficient proficiency to employ these and other frameworks ensuring application seamless and streamlined performances and robust functionality.

What Type of App Do You Need?

When you approach IT agency with a brand new app idea in mind, you need to describe it to software experts explaining its functionality and overall purpose. As we are in the mobile market for over seven years, we have prototyped, developed and delivered multiple variations of the applications creating absolutely unique user experiences and feature combinations. Our expertise in building bespoke user experience assists in grasping customer’s needs and requirements, and as we have experience in all possible application categories, we know how to distinguish client’s application from its rivals. Among our development cases, you can find works dedicated to the creation of:


Productivity software solutions that perform specific task or process in a more organised and efficient manner, such as task management applications, bespoke calendars, cloud storage and custom database solutions.

Business applications for better collaboration within the company and outside it with content sharing and editing capabilities, including remote desktop solutions, customer resource management and enterprise resource planning systems, point of sale and VoIP telephony.

Financial apps that assist users with business finance matters as well as their personal ones, including financial transactions, assets managements, mobile banking, bill reminders, tax management, insurance and other finance-related needs.

M-commerce applications that curate a visual collection of customer’s goods and services enable users to book or purchase them enhancing the shopping experience and providing product reviews, coupon sharing, and Apple Pay functionality.

Utility IT products that solve a particular problem, for example, bar code scanners, custom calculators, measurement solutions, and other tools.

Social-networking solutions for both internal communication within the staff or for public usage with text messaging, photo and audio sharing, video calling and other features.
We can build iOS software meeting all your business needs, just tell us about them.

How We Work

Our team relies on agile development methods such as Scrum, Crystal Clear, and XP. We encourage iterative development process ensuring the blend of timely delivery and superior quality. Such approach enables us quickly respond to client’s feedback adjusting software products to the evolving requirements.

Although iterative development which consists of several cycles introduce additional flexibility, careful planning eliminates extra expenses and accelerates the development itself. It is vital to determine the target audience and users’ needs. We verify client’s ideas, checking their relevance and demand in the mobile ecosystem making sure that this project will succeed in the market. Business analysts help our clients to create tailored software strategy, while dedicated project manager assists in the identification of the core functionality for the first MVP (minimum viable product). We eagerly explore client’s business acquiring the understanding of internal and external needs and armed with this knowledge get to work.

Design plays a critical part in the way people perceive the application at the first time of the acquaintance with it. It influences whether users will come back to it or not. Its look should be aesthetically consistent with the functionality, while navigation should comprise familiar behavioural models. Experienced designers create several UI layouts for customer’s feedback ensuring that all variants convey customer’s unique brand identity. As clients pick designs, they like we create clickable prototypes that display how interface responds to the users’ actions. We test its user-friendliness and make changes if it is necessary. Designers tightly collaborate with clients ensuring that they can cast client’s vision and consult with developers about technical issues.

iOS developers utilise the suite of sophisticated SDK tools and other Apple’s resources available on the Apple Developer website and write clear and readable code building solid and scalable architecture. They start with the development and delivery of the MVP which includes key features and chosen UI design implementing intuitive UX. This working program provides client with a clear picture of what the application is about, how it behaves, what functionality it lacks or vice versa which features are completely needless. Developers keep delivering results after every Sprint adjusting program to the provided feedback, integrating new features, and making other changes to ensure that program fits customer’s needs perfectly well.

We believe that testing is an inalienable part of the software creation process which accompanies program throughout the development lifecycle. QA experts deter serious bugs with thorough program project analysis. They foresee potential challenges and suggest optimal solution path preventing buggy user experience. And as developers write code, testers keep run it and run the program ensuring that its performance, usability, security and other metrics meet the corporate standards. In the case of occurring bugs, testers inform developers about errors and programmers debug the application. We can boast the world-class quality of our digital products.