Bespoke App Design in the UK

We are a leading company that specialises in app design in the UK and across the globe delivering enterprise and consumer mobile and web applications for businesses.

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Top-Flight UK App Design Services

As UK app design agency, we have been constructing and delivering bespoke applications since 2010. We have built our portfolio of successful projects that became result-driven working programs supplying both household and world’s famous brands. Professional in-house developers build software solutions guaranteeing a high quality of our digital products as well as splendid interface design and exciting functionality.

The area of expertise we obtain expands from responsive website design to complex web systems and native mobile applications development. Committed UK app designers and programmers deliver top-notch user experience in all available platforms.
Experienced developers are always on hand when you need them throughout the development lifecycle. We quickly respond to your requirements and feedback ensuring complete satisfaction with the project. The team will be more than your dedicated IT department but an extension of your own team and trustworthy business partner.

How Bespoke Development Can Help You Succeed

Ability to create tailor-designed applications open new doors for businesses and entrepreneurial dreamers with creative thinking. With the continuous evolution of mobile and web technologies, coders’ and programmers’ capabilities to interact with the devices’ features both software and hardware are becoming limitless. There are two main directions in bespoke software development: building IT solutions for processes automation and optimisation or creating the outstanding customer experience. Professional UK developers will be happy to assist you with your software project to meet the desired goals:

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    Market Innovative App Idea
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    Grow Sales and Revenue
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    Gain Extra Business Value
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    Optimise Business Processes
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If you want to become a groundbreaker in some particular sphere and have amazing app idea which will help you to transform people interact, our UK team of IT specialists will be happy to participate in the idea realisation converting it into a real and tangible product that generates revenue. We will protect your unique idea with NDA, validate its feasibility, and help to create a roadmap that will bring the idea to life. We have experience of work with startup apptrepeneurs and have seen numerous examples of their booms in the mobile industry which they were able to achieve thanks to their creative thinking and high level of competence of our app designers.

Bespoke software developers provide numerous opportunities to mobilise the digital product and create a new source of income. It is a long-term investment which can be paid off within a year or even less. Retailers have already spotted the range of capabilities mobile and web apps provides for shopping starting with catalogue functionality to present their products or services to online booking and payment with the help of the secure payment gateway. Our UK app designers utilise the best IT practices in mobile and web development helping to make cost-effective investment creating intuitive app solution and maximising the ROI. Digital strategists will help you to create and adhere to the most appropriate monetisation strategy considering such aspects as initial purchase price, in-app purchases, and in-app advertising.

Ability to access your company information, products and services on the go from smartphones and tablets increases the convenience, connectivity, and your services availability delivering extra value to your business. Mobile devices bring additional services to you business proposition informing users about new offers, reaching out to younger demographics and helping your business to stand out from the rivals. A mobile application provides customers additional value via various loyalty programs or opportunity to make purchases within the application. Such small things notably increase the sales. Besides, our UK app designers will help you to build a stronger brand increasing its recognition and communication with it. By extending the user experience from the web, you foster customer loyalty and add extra value to the business.

Mobile applications are often designed to optimise existing workflow, increase staff productivity and mobilise the business and corporate data. App design company in the UK helps organisations to utilise emerging technologies and bring mobility into a habitual workflow. Applications offer a broad range of opportunities to streamline enterprises, empower employees and drive efficiency via mobile technologies. We offer bespoke app design services which ensure standout performance and accelerate daily activity by automating time-consuming processes and increasing the critical data accessibility. Proficient programmers will help your business to skyrocket leaving competitors behind. And as potential app functionality evolves, our team will help you benefit from it gaining a strong presence.

Being a top UK App Design company, we take pride in our tech team whose expertise and skills convert the most challenging ideas into working tools and applications. We have collected talented and creative designers and united them with skilled and trained developers who together directed by experienced project manager build superior user experience driving excellence and quality. We have worked with multiple industry domains providing them with world-class software solutions and acquiring insights and necessary understanding of the existing challenges within a given area.

UI/UX Design

Mobile apps attract users with their look that is why it is vital to steal them with the eye-catching design that retains the target audience of the application and encourages people to explore app functionality enjoying its look. Our app design UK agency has a team of professional artists who craft beautiful mobile and web interfaces taking in consideration all peculiarities and differences of the screen sizes and resolutions. We utilise a set of high-end programs to design everything from mobile interfaces to websites and icons.



Experienced UK designers are well-versed in such designing and prototyping tools as universal Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator and Bohemian Coding’s Sketch for Mac OS X, and Axure. Photoshop is a UX prototyping programs with simple vector and text tools which let designers create high-fidelity and completely customised interfaces, preview them and share within the design team.

Sketch and Axure

Sketch was built specifically for Mac users and can be easier to use due to its Vector shapes which adapt to changing styles, layouts, and sizes without extra hand-tweaking. The designs also can be previewed via Sketch Mirror. Axure also a well-known in the UX design sphere for its comprehensive functionality which allows to build click-through wireframes, think over user flows and create intuitive sitemaps.

Icons and Illustrations

Illustrator is a vector graphics editor which our UK-based design team mostly uses for drawing icons and illustrations. It enables designers to start their work from a blank canvas as well as a template and later customise it to the client’s requirements. The latest version of the Illustrator also allow designers to handle the text and import it into a custom shape.


For the interfaces animation, UK design team applies Principle, Framer, and Flinto, which enable our designers to create advanced interactive prototypes. If Framer is a quite traditional tool with a complex operation, Principle and Finto for Mac present new generation programs, easy-to-use design tools which do not count on the web to operate. Their usage ensures richer animations, transitions, and interactions.

Data Transfer

Zeplin is one more useful design tool that ensures seamless cooperation between the in-house design team and software engineers. With it help, UK designers can hand on the layouts without preparing the specifications and exporting assets and saving lots of time. One more advantage of this program is that it is integrated with Sketch and Photoshop plugins and CSS generator for web projects letting the team have all the fonts, colours and assets in a single place.


Other tools we use to present clickable projects within the team and to our customers are InVision and Marvel app. These programs are web-based prototyping tools that let check the app out at the design stage without any coding demonstrating its workflow, animation, gestures. The programs transform static screens into clickable and interactive prototypes. They are great for collaboration of design draft and enable us to collect customer’s feedback before we start coding.
With a strong UK-based team of software engineers, programmers and coders whose expertise embraces all software development fields, our capabilities are limitless. We provide solutions for all major platforms, whether it is a web, desktop or mobile development. If you are looking for a reliable team that can provide you with a scalable architecture and robust code, here we are. Our UK programmers specialise in building sophisticated applications revealing empowering features and bringing life into a design.

Our UK team started as an e-commerce solution providers that is why we have immense experience in client-side scripting. Web interface developers know how to construct the best environment for users interaction with the program. Frontend developers continuously explore the evolution of this field ensuring that users can easily access the message of the site and see the information in the easy-to-read format. Experienced frontend designers also make sure that site is reflected correctly in different browsers, operating systems, and devices. Our developers present competent front-end coders who utilise high-level, dynamic, interpreted runtime language JavaScript along with HTML5 and CSS. Together these three technologies compose the core for client-scripting and interactive and appealing web pages construction.

Backend makes a website more than just interactive web page but a tool that performs some tasks. It usually implies work with a server, a database, and application. Backend programming makes magic behind the scenes. Our developers are well-versed in server-side scripting and can not only implement third-party APIs but also write custom ones to engage the required functionality. We utilise a wide range of high-level programming languages and numerous technologies including PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, ASP.NET and numerous frameworks. Such proficient level of expertise makes development easier and faster.

Since the appearance of the first iPhone, mobile app design services has gained a huge popularity. New technologies, operating systems, hardware capabilities enabled UK developers to deliver engaging mobile application taking advantage of all devices’ capabilities. We have a strong iOS development team, as well as Android and Windows Mobile. Being well-versed in their IDEs such as Xcode, Android Studio, and Visual Studio, we can integrate native capabilities ensuring superior user experience. We work with multiple programming languages for these platforms, such as Swift, Objective-C, Java, C++, C# and others. Access to the frameworks and libraries reduces the development time ensuring quick time to market.