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Our app development company has a solid background building feature-rich, efficient and user-friendly native and web-based mobile applications for all the leading mobile operating systems.

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Expertise in Mobile Solutions

An agile approach to software development enables our skillful and talented experts to deliver first-class applications that perfectly fit into your business, satisfy your demands and requirements and appeal to your customers, providing them with a seamless user experience. Over many years in the mobile industry, we have developed a lean process of app creation that allows us to supply you with high-quality mobile solutions within strict timeframes, meeting your financial capabilities and objectives. Whether you want to optimising your existing mobile or desktop solution or want to develop an entirely new application from scratch, we are ready to offer you our services in smartphones applications development, app design, project management, quality assurance, UX/UI design, bespoke software creation and market analysis.
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    Why Choose Our Developers?
Smartphones are the ultimate devices of the 21st century that have become an indispensable part of our lives and are always at our hands. Modern-day smartphones incorporate a wide functionality, including phone calls, internet access, touch screens, GPS tracking, book readers, audio players, high resolution photo and video cameras and many more useful tools and technologies.
Building an application for one of the major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry, you create a virtual extension of your business and make yourself visible to smartphone users. The demand for smartphones and tablets grows fast, and manufacturers and app developers fit the latest models with the most advanced hardware and software, enhancing processing, expanding memory, optimising interfaces and developing new technologies.
Our app design firm delivers end-to-end smartphone solutions to our clients that include planning, analysis, programming, design, testing, quality assurance and implementation. Our specially trained experts including programmers, project managers, designers, analysts and testers will identify the key features of your app, analyse your business’s needs and demands and evaluate the cost of development.
After you have approved the software requirements specification, or SRS, our experts proceed to implementing the design concept and coding the application, integrating all features, requirements and functionality discussed during the stage of planning. We never stop at average results - we always thoroughly test the app to meet our high standards and ensure its quality. Our smartphones applications development company has a lean process overseen by experienced project managers who keep you informed about every step we take and guarantee you that your app will be ready on time and within your budget.
Our smartphones applications developers have certificates and diplomas proving their professionalism and an in-depth knowledge of all leading mobile app development frameworks, languages and tools. Our forward-minded and creative app design team always explores new horizons, keeps abreast of the latest technologies and implements them in our projects, using the most advanced digital tools and services existing today. You bring your idea to us, and we do all the rest, making it a reality.

The Benefits of Smartphone Apps

Our experienced specialists have made a list of reasons why a mobile application will bring significant value to your business:

An app makes your business visible to the largest pool of smartphone owners and provides them with an easy access to your products and services.
Publishing an app on the Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Windows Marketplace for Mobile or other leading app stores is an additional source of brand promotion. Mobile users will have an opportunity to install your app, give their review and rate it within the store.
Customer communication.
With the ability to leave review on app stores, businesses constantly receive feedback on the quality of their products and services, optimising them to meet the customers’ demands and stay up-to-date.
Cost-effective solution.
If you are not ready to invest much money and time into app development, you can make a smartphone version of your existing website. Despite it will not be as well balanced as the native app, this can be the first step of your future digital success.
Mobile-friendly websites.
Having a website optimised for mobile, either using a responsive or an adaptive design, is a must for any modern business, which enables you to stand out among your competitors and attract an ever-growing audience of mobile internet users.
Boost sales.
Mobile apps offer you many ways for monetisation: paid apps, paid subscriptions, in-app purchases, ad space and many more options to generate income. Another source of income is in-app advertising, which allows you to receive money from every click made within your ap. This strategy is the most efficient for free application, however, you can develop an ad-free version that you users will be able to buy or subscribe to.
Our bespoke development company is always ready to tackle any project, from a simple application to complicated integrated system.
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Affordable and Efficient Solutions

Are you searching for an expert to bring your old website up to date or search for a professional app developer to build a killer smartphone app for you business? Make sure you hire a reliable and experienced team of app developers. Our bespoke development company ranks among the leading smartphone developers and is always ready to tackle any project, from a simple application to complicated bespoke system.

Development Process

The principles of agile software development means we work in small iteration, delivering a working product within short periods of time. We can tackle a project of any difficulty and scale, ensure that it meets your financial capability and the deadlines, ensuring that the delivery of the product is fast and cost-effective.

Expertise in Smartphone App Creation

Our mobile app developers have a vast background building software for all popular mobile platforms, Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone) being the leading ones. We are happy to boast that the apps created by our team are recognised by the users as creative, user-friendly and technological.

Transparency, Collaboration and Communication

We ensure a complete transparency of the process form the first stages, working alongside you to develop the proper monetisation strategy, delivery method and options for customisation to ensure that the app fits perfectly into your business. Our support specialists are always ready to answer any of your questions or discuss any issue via phone, email, live chat, Telegram, Skype or any other service.

We Work for Your Success

Our enthusiastic app development team strives for perfection and aims at establishing long-term relationships with each of our clients, providing each a dedicated manager to ensure that there is no misunderstandings and our collaboration is smooth and successful. We welcome you to you take an active part in the development and provide us with valuable feedback, because that is what enables us to know, whether the job we are doing is done well and all your requirements are met.

Our strength:

  • Agile software development principles
  • App placement on App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and BlackBerry World
  • Internationally recognized smartphones applications development solutions
  • Transparent, smooth, collaborative and client-oriented approach to app design
  • Affordable prices for mobile app creation and cost evaluation services
  • Native mobile apps, cross-platform apps and HTML5 mobile web solutions
  • Team of dedicated specialists in design, UX/UI, marketing, analysis and programming
  • Multiple offices located in a number of large cities around the world with a head office based in London, UK
  • Extensive portfolio of successful project for various industries
  • Thorough testing and quality assurance management before a full-fledged launch
  • Strict timeframes and high standards for software developed by our team